Earth Science


Welcome to Earth Science! This will be a fun and exciting year. We will start by learning what makes our earth so cool. This summer homework will expose you to initial important concepts.

  1. Access hyperlinks to Khan Academy videos about Earth science.
  2. Watch the videos and type a one-paragraph summary (five-to-seven sentence paragraph) for each video. As will ALWAYS be the case in my class the entire year – NEATNESS COUNTS! I prefer you type your paper, but it may be handwritten if your writing is legible.
  3. Due in class Friday, August 23, 2019

It is important to complete this assignment during the summer because you will receive other assignments in your science, as well as other classes once school begins.

Video 1: Structure of the Earth

Video 2: Plates Moving From Convection

Video 3: Pangaea

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